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The Aims

- To provide a secure, caring and stimulating environment which will encourage children to develop lively enquiring minds, a natural curiosity and promote a love of learning.

- To ensure through a broad and balanced curriculum that the children acquire knowledge, skills, practical abilities, develop aesthetic appreciation and learn to evaluate and make decisions in preparation for adult life.

- To encourage consideration and respect for other people and the environment.

- To have effective communication between staff, governors, children, parents and society.

- To foster the development of a positive self-image, independence and a sense of responsibility.

- To provide the stimulus for all abilities to be developed, encouraging success and achievement for each child.

- To enable children to become aware of their own feelings and be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.

- To give the children the opportunity to work both independently and collaboratively.

- To develop knowledge and understanding of social and cultural behaviour and of religious and moral values.

- To ensure equal opportunities for each child to have access to all areas of the curriculum.

The school strives to provide a good education in a caring happy atmosphere where children feel secure and self-confidence is developed. The children are encouraged to play together, to share and to think of others.

It is important for children and staff to respect each other and to enjoy working together. Children are encouraged to learn and to do their best.

A range of work is offered in each class to provide for the abilities of all pupils. It has been planned to include the requirements of the National Curriculum. The work is organised on a subject or cross curricular basis whichever is the most suitable.

The school feels strongly that all children should be given an equal opportunity to have access to and take part in all curriculum and extra curricular activities.

The school follows Essential Letters and Sounds and the National Curriculum.  Mathematics, English, Science and Computing form the core subjects of the curriculum.  The curriculum also includes Art, Geography, History, Music, P.E., Religious Education, Personal Social Health Education, Foreign Languages and Design and Technology. 

Children are taught according to their age, needs and ability within class groups.

Math and English is taught every day and every subject is given a weekly or ½ term allocation to ensure our pupils receive a balanced curriculum. 

If you wish to find out more about the curriculum the school is following please contact the School Office who will happily arrange for you to speak to the relevant Subject Leader.


- Art Project

British Values


Digital Hub

Design & Technology

Early Years Foundation

- Nursery

- Reception








Personal, Social, Citizenship and Health Education

Religious Education


The National Inclusion Statement